Karen Rose Tank, MS-Integrative Nutrition, Health & Diabetes Coach

The Suppers Programs

The Suppers Program mission is to provide safe and friendly settings where people with food-related health challenges can develop and manage their own personal transition to a healthier lifestyle. Hands-on, whole food and low carb cooking groups are offered in the Princeton area. Prepare a meal together (no experience required) then sit down with the group to share, learn and support. Meetings are available for diabetes and blood sugar related issues.
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Why is it so hard to eat right? What does it take to turn around the habits that make us sick and fat? Logical Miracles is a collection of stories by people in The Suppers Programs who found their personal solutions by experimenting with whole food. In an environment of nonjudgment, we cook, taste, and feel our way to health, and we forge new friendships based on healthy living. For five years, pilot Suppers groups have been helping people with a range of food-related challenges find their path, especially people with depression, anxiety, learning issues, obesity, diabetes, and problems with alcohol. No special diets. No fees. No commercial messages. The only requirement for membership is the desire to lead a healthier life. Now we’d like to share our logical miracles, our road maps, our recipes, and especially our hard-earned wisdom related as stories of hope and healing. Welcome to Suppers.
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