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Google contact lens could be option for diabetics By Martha Mendoza of Associated Press

Google is working on a smart contact lens prototype that monitors glucose levels in tears. The technology could end finger pricks for diabetics. It still needs to be tested and proved accurate and safe to win FDA approval. Karen's expert opinion was sought and quoted in the last two paragraphs:

"Karen Rose Tank, who left her career as an economist to be a health and wellness coach after her Type 1 diabetes diagnosis 18 years ago, also is encouraged that new glucose monitoring methods may be on the horizon.

"It's really exciting that some of the big tech companies are getting into this market," she said. "They bring so much ingenuity; they're able to look outside the box." January 16, 2014

From Type 1 Diabetes to Successful Diabetic Teacher and Health Coach. An interview with Karen Rose Tank, Founder of Rose Health Coaching written by Lisa Adelman of Live Positive Wellness. November 20, 2013.

Here is Karen's "Diabetes Everything Interview" with Deborah Aromin of Pure Sublime Living Radio.Follow her dramatic 18 year journey from diagnosis with type 1 diabetes at the age of 39 to learning how to thrive with this disease. Now as a health coach, Karen shares her many tips and resources for living the best life possible with diabetes. October 25, 2013.

DiabetesSisters October 2013 Newsletter: October Volunteer Spotlight: Karen Rose Tank. Find out what inspired Karen to start up a Princeton branch of the DiabetesSisters meet ups and share her support, knowledge and compassion with others also living with diabetes. Ocotber 4, 2013.

Here is an article about Karen that was published in the January/February 2012 issue of the Cornell Alumni Magazine: (link to original article)

Enjoy the coverage of A Taste of Suppers at the Princeton Public Library where over 120 people listened to the healing stories of Suppers members from The Programs new book, Logical Miracles, and sampled a wide variety of delicious foods from chilis, to slaws and kale salads, to green and fruit smoothies, to tastey whole food-based treats. Nirit Yarden writing for PrincetonEats.com captured the "taste" and "feel" of the standing-room-only event... including a few quotes by and pictures of Karen.

Here is the link to amazon.com where you can purchase the newly released book, Logical Miracles, all about The Suppers Programs, the cooking and healthy lifestyle support group I helped co-found four years ago.

Logical Miracles: Stories of Hope and Healing from The Suppers Programs edited by Dor Mullen.
As a Co-founder of Suppers for Stable Blood Sugar, read the story of my relationship to food, my struggle with weight, and my subsequent diagnosis with type 1 diabetes... up close and very, very personal. What follows is my journey to health while discovering The Suppers Programs and learning to feed myself in order to stabilize my blood sugar without dieting or deprivation. Along the way came healing from the pain and struggle of living with a chronic disease. There are also stories of introducing healthy foods to my family, their resistance... and ultimate acceptance and embracing! Coupled with all the stories (over 100) are the recipes that helped participants manage their food struggles and cravings and moved them towards the healthier life they seek.

Back Story with Joan Goldstein

Watch this video clip of a recent TV interview in which Karen discusses the support groups she helps run in Princeton, NJ, Suppers for Stable Blood Sugar. It will give you a wonderful introduction to Karen and how she can support YOU to reach your goals!

An Interview with Karen Rose Tank by food and health writer, Bonnie Schultz, on her blog TheHealthfare.blogspot.com

Read this article and learn about how Karen supports her clients to reach their health goals in her health and nutrition coaching programs.

Quoted in Mindful Eating: Enjoying Every Bite... How you eat may be just as important as what you eat. BY Judie Hurtado in Edible Jersey, Fall 2011 Issue, Number 18.

Karen's speech

Read Karen's speech given at Risa Olinksky's 2011 Distinguished Service Award from the Maplewood Chamber of Commerce.


Karen received a Mercer Change Makers Volunteer Connect Award in November 2010 for her 13 years of fundraising and team building for the American Diabetes Association. Once agin in 2011, Karen was Team Leader for Team Suppers at the Step Out Walk to STOP Diabetes in Princeton, NJ. Karen also hosted a table with lots of information on her diabetes health coaching programs... as well as helping support another table for The Suppers Programs where 3 types of "breakfast chili" were served... turkey and veggies (no beans), turkey and beans, and raw chili with "nut" meat topping. The chilis introduced the concept that breakfast can look a lot like dinner with a healthy serving of protein as a way to stabilize blood sugar at the start your day!

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