Karen Rose Tank, MS-Integrative Nutrition, Health & Diabetes Coach

"Karen, You taught me awareness. You taught me to think before eating. To always read labels. To open my mind to various delicious vegetables. To be aware (and beware) of carbs, good and bad. To find balance without sacrificing taste.
Above all, you were kind and supportive. Never judgmental.
After being diagnosed with prediabetes, I found you through a trusted mutual friend who said, "She's great. You'll love her." She was so right.
With your help, my A1C went from 6.3 to 5.9 with glucophage. Now after 3 1/2 months off glucophage and just concentrating on diet and exercise, I've gone down two more points to 5.7. I'm thrilled!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, liver and pancreas!"

-Camille McMennamin, New York, NY

"Karen's cooking class not only demonstrated her breadth of knowledge, but also her enthusiasm and commitment to a healthy way of eating. And to that end, I immediately tried one technique she taught us -- rubbed kale. It was just as delicious when I made it at home. This is a true testament to her teaching skills -- if I could replicate the recipes she taught us, with the same success, then I know I am being taught by a true master. Thank you Karen. I will be back."
-Wendy Young, Princeton, NJ www.PrincetonSoundSchool.com

"Karen, I have to share what I really loved about you and your presentation last night… You are so full of life! You have a fabulous voice and your enthusiasm completely carries over. The meeting lasted much longer than usual. I have no idea what time I finally got to bed but… I was not tired. I was very inspired. That is thanks to the way you put yourself across and the delicious food you prepared. It was fabulous!
I am so excited, that I just signed up to attend your weekly Suppers Lunch cooking support group."
-V.V., Holistic Practitioners Exchange of Princeton September meeting
Hands-on food preparation and meal sharing “Suppers” style dinner program

"Thank you so much for what you have taught me about the importance of starting my day with plenty of protein. I had heard this before, but your coaching guidance has helped me switch from “knowing” what to do… to actually “doing” it! I have finally been able to follow through and experience the benefits for myself. When I eat my 2 or 3 eggs in the morning I feel grounded and full. I don’t need a morning snack…. And, in fact, I don’t even think about food till lunchtime. At lunch, I can wisely choose my food and stay in control… no cravings and no binging on carbs required! I now realize that as a vegetarian for many, many years, I most likely was protein deficient all my life. It is so exciting to finally see the beneficial results in my own body!"
- J.B., Princeton, NJ

"Thank you Karen! It’s great working with you. Such positivity!!
I visited your website earlier and feel very inspired. I read the recipes on The Suppers Programs web site, many of which I know you helped create; my mouth is watering!!!!!!!! I will be making the egg drop soup today and the eggplant dish with my homegrown Chinese eggplants."
-V.V, Princeton, NJ

"For breakfast this morning, I gobbled down three salmon patties, the rest of the guacamole and my last (boo hoo) mini almond muffin. What a great way to start the day. I can’t wait to make more this weekend. I really feel that I am doing something good for my body when I eat this way – my challenge is to keep it up and not go back to my old, easy, pick up a bagel ways! Also, I feel so much better when my blood sugars are not “High” or “Low” which then gives me a “sense of control” over my diabetes, which then translates into control over my life!!! All of these lessons learned from eating the way your have taught me… great protein and low carbs!"
-M. Billie O'Donnell, RNC, BSN, CDE, Community Nurse Educator, Pennington, NJ

"I feel like I’ve just completed a very interesting course on healthy eating! My last three months spent working with Karen have been extremely enlightening. I’ve made many positive changes in my diet with healthy cooking recipes and articles Karen sends me regularly, and in general, feel much better than I have in years. Karen’s personality is upbeat and very motivating.
I highly recommend anyone who is looking to make healthy lifestyle changes to seek out Karen’s Rose Health Coaching services. She is excellent!"
-Carolyn F., Princeton, NJ

"I want to thank you for shopping for all the ingredients and basically cooking it as I hobbled around the kitchen. I have soooooooooooooooooo enjoyed the food! My blood sugar has been stable and I've had minimal to no carb cravings. Again, when I fill up on good protein, miraculously my "cravings" are very much diminished. I am gobbling down the salmon patties - they are almost gone. The big crock-pot of Mediterranean chicken is almost all gone. My son was very happy to come home to a home cooked meal (by you). He really liked the chicken and veggies. There are only two almond muffins left - I so love that I haven't experienced the spikes in my blood sugar that I normally do from my bagel, pizza and chocolate cravings. I know that the key for me is to have this food readily available. I'm going to work on my favorite recipes over the long weekend. I'll try to make a double batch of super low carb almond muffins and freeze them.
Again, thank you so much. I know that you are a gift from God in my life to assist me in making better food choices. I so appreciate you and all that you literally 'bring to the table.'"
-M. Billie O'Donnell, RNC, BSN, CDE, Community Nurse Educator, Pennington, NJ

"You filled me with wonderful, healing energy yesterday in my coaching session during the guided visualization/meditation.
Yesterday, I switched the menus and had black bean fajitas and my blood sugar test was 113 two hours after dinner and 99 this morning. So off to a good start! I am back taking vitamins and got some sleep last night.
You are a phenomenal teacher and healer."
-Jeanine B., Princeton, NJ

"Karen… You are:
  • A Spark Plug
  • A Catalyst
  • Exuberant
  • 100% Genuine
  • Open
  • Generous with Your Heart
Willing to Evolve, to Grow, to Learn"
-Teacher and Student Evaluations, Yogaphoria 200 hour Yoga and Wellness Teacher Training Program, New Hope, PA

"I just finished reading your story on The Suppers Programs website. I am totally moved, touched and inspired by you.
I would like to acknowledge you for the great service and your hard work that you provide through your volunteer leadership position with The Suppers Programs."
-Monica Freund, Jin Shin Jyustsu Practitioner, Hopewell, NJ

"The whole process has been so gradual.... Now 10 months later, we can speak about some concrete results [of my transfomation].
Your program is so much more than just about losing weight. I have lost ten pounds so far in my journey with you (it is now 30 pounds!), but it really stopped being about the weight 5 months ago, when I started to accept that my health is more important than my weight… not the other way around! Read that last statement one more time!!
The biggest change for me is losing the cravings, which kept me feeling powerless over my food. By eating a wider variety of nutrient-rich foods, combined with larger amounts of protein, that my body was apparently craving on a separate level, I have gained control over my sugar/white flour yearnings… and now these two categories are almost indifferent to me. INDIFFERENT! This is such a huge statement coming from someone who could not resist a bialy bagel, a slice of bread, a truffle, a cookie, or six.
Much of the emotional hunger is gone; therefore I do not need to eat as much food. Why? BECAUSE of the support you have given me around this issue. I know that I have YOU to consult with and that I can come to The Suppers Programs meetings, and not be judged. It is not like I am such a hero all by myself; I recognize the importance of needing help, and was lucky enough to meet you at the right time. Our meeting at the gym was so fortuitous and serendipitous; I still marvel at it.
Karen, I could go on a long time writing your praises to really exhaust the many ways you have been helpful to me. So here it is: a very spontaneous testimony, you can quote me please anytime, anywhere. It’s all the TRUTH!"
-R.Y., Princeton, NJ

"My son saw the endocrinologist today at college - just a follow up appointment. He hasn't been back there since he saw you and dramatically changed his eating habits. His A1c was 5.4! Nearly non-diabetic! I wanted to pass on the good news to you. He is on a very low amount of insulin with the Omni Pod and does not even have to dose for his meals since he is eating very low carb foods as you recommended. The doctor was extremely impressed and asked if it was hard for him to keep such a low carb diet. My son told him that this diet has made his life so much easier.
I really have to thank you for introducing my son and our entire family to this low carb eating approach for managing diabetes and blood sugar. We saw our son at school last weekend for a fraternity-parents event and he is doing great."
-M. B., (Mother of a son recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes while away at college.), Morristown, NJ

"Thank you for your life-sustaining work. Your giving spirit is an inspiration."
-R. Y.

"It was so wonderful meeting you and spending time over lunch getting to know you! I always feel so blessed to have the opportunity to meet strong and amazing women like you who are challenged by type 1 and have a beautiful and positive outlook and determination!"
-Beth Roth (fellow Health Coach with type 1 diabetes), West Orange, NJ

"I also wanted to say... you inspired me. I know that what you must’ve been through was so traumatic, yet you turned it around and are now not only sharing your wisdom but have achieved finding a career path with it. That really takes innovation."
-Dorie D’Amore (fellow Health Coach), NY

"When I was told I had to start using insulin, I cried, was angry, and called Karen. Karen guided me through choosing a diet that would require the least amount of insulin, she encouraged me to get some exercise and patiently watched me struggle with learning to take good care of myself.
It took 6 months, but with Karen’s encouragement, experience and wisdom, I have been able to reduce my insulin from 40 units to 24 units, I now walk 4 times a week, and I lowered my A1C from, 8.7 to 6.6! I wouldn’t have been able to do this without her."
-Janet Sheppard, Titusville, NJ

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